Access Control

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Why TimeTec Access?
1. Advance & Flexible Access Control System
2. Access Control & Security Management
3. Access Analysis & Reports
1. Advance & Flexible Access Control System
Multiple Access Points
Safeguard doors, elevators, barrier gates, turnstiles or any control points.
Temporary Pass
Generate temporary passes with limited time range and access level.
Alerts & Notification
Get notified for access approvals, smart devices plus access related notifications.
Flexible Access Time
Restrict user access time range for each control point.
Global Anti-Passback
Prevent anti-passback even from a different location with cloud security.
Various Access Methods
Mix and match between fingerprint, facial recognition, QR code or mobile phone.
2. Access Control & Security Management
Manage Users & Hierarchy
Managers can assign team and visitors access control.
Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor everyone's last access data and premise security from a dashboard.
Manage Access Group & Time
Advanced settings for user access level and timeframe for access.
3. Access Analysis & Reports
Access Activities Analysis
Real-time activity analysis to notify admins of any abnormal access.
Advanced Reporting
More than 10 advanced real-time reports for premise security.
Fire Roll Call
Notify users immediately with nearest exit routes during an emergency
Enhance security with TimeTec IoT Hardware
Smart AC1
Smart AC1
QF Plus QR Code
QF Plus (QR-Code)
BLE-2 Smart Door
BLE -2
BLE-16 Elevator
BLE -16
Barrier Gate
Barrier Gate
Support & System Security
24/7 Support
We have your back. You could find us anytime around the clock for assistance.
20 languages available
We have your back, you could find us anytime around the clock for an assistant.
Security & Privacy
Your data remain yours. We are PDPA & GDPR compliances and certified with ISO 27001.

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