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Empowering People & Buildings

Human Resource Management

Time Attendance Time Attendance Effectively centralize and monitor multiple sites and mobile workforce attendance data, scheduling the most sophisticated roster to meet all kinds of industries, from SME to large MNC organizations.
Time Attendance, Scheduling Management
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Time leave Time Leave For employers to manage employees leave settings, leave policies, leave accruals, applications, approvals, and balance all in one centralized, automated solution.
Employee Leave Management
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Time Hire Time Hire Assists companies starting from pre-hiring process to job postings, sharing vacancy, to flow of the hiring process, up to onboarding process of recruits with ease. TimeTec Hire comes with an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) module for a company to collect and sort piles of resumes automatically.
Cloud Talent Recruitment System
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Time Profile Time Profile Centralize all employees' profiles in one cloud-based tool. Let employees update their profile anytime, anywhere, on their own.
Cloud Employee Profile Management System
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Time Claim Time Claim Digitalize employee's expenses and claims. With mobile app and web, TimeTec Claim automates claim request and submission and provides convenience on finance and management's review and approval.
Workforce Claim System
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Time Payroll Time Payroll Automate your monthly payroll process, a secure and easy-to-use cloud payroll system that does everything for you.
Simplified & Automated Payroll System
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Time Parking Time Parking TimeTec Parking is a smart parking management tool that helps office buildings and shopping malls manage their parking lots with ease. Through the cloud multi-tenant parking system of TimeTec Parking, management can define their parking rates, promotions, and e-payment implementation for parking rates conveniently.
Smart City Parking System
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Time VMS Time VMS TimeTec Visitor Management System VMS is a tool that helps companies manage visitor movement by offering pre-registration with QR code and easy walk-ins registration for all types of visitors. Complete with facility booking in advance technology, TimeTec VMS provides high-level security along with convenience and courtesy for visitors.
Cloud Visitor Management System
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Time Access Access Control By introducing leaner but higher performance IoT hardware as new credentials and tapping on smartphones' computing power, TimeTec Access lowers the investment cost, implementation cost, and maintenance cost. It also provides long-distance remote control ability and better interaction between all access points. TimeTec Access can improve security, flexibility, and connectivity for all premises.
Cloud Access Control Management System
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TimeTec Patrol Patrol TimeTec Patrol is an effective cloud-based patrolling system for security companies to monitor and maintain the quality of their on-duty guards' performance. The system tracks the guards in real-time through various tasks such as patrolling activities, managing job orders, incident reports, and SOS incidents. Plus, it comes with Live Location Tracking for live updates of the guards' whereabout at all times.
Efficient Guard Patrolling Management
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Time IoT IoT IoT smart security devices come with i-TimeTec App mobile technology to provide consumers with control, convenience, comfort and security at your fingertips.
Smart IoT Devices
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TimeTec Surveillance TimeTec Surveillance EpiCamera is a Cloud Surveillance Solution system that uses IP or web-based cameras to capture images from monitored sites. Combine it with hosting services from EpiCamera; it allows users to access and view the captured images from anywhere, at any time via simple web access throughout any web browsers.
Video Surveillance System
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Property Management

iNeighbour Neighbour iNeighbour is today's most comprehensive smart community & property management system for a residential community. Offering more than 30 features and integrability with IoT devices for security, iNeighbour is the next level residential property management system that finds a balance between convenience and security for the residential community.
Smart Residential Community System
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TimeTec Building
Building Building iNeighbour is aimed for residential communities, TimeTec Building is an integrated property management ecosystem designed to focus on commercial buildings.
Commercial Property Management System
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iAccount iAccount i-Account is an accounting system designed for property management. It integrated seamlessly with iNeighbour for better management, collection and automation. With batch invoicing, meters reading, auto reconciliation, and other residential features, iAccount tremendously ease the workload for property accountants and managers.
Property Accounting System
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Housing Developer System Developer Developers can digitalize the vacant possession process and defect management system with iNeighbour. By using Neighbour App to book key collection schedule and report defects, developers can manage everything in one glance at any time, from anywhere. iNeighbour has a Defect Management System with joint inspection functions, score rating and ISO 9001 compliance.
Vacant Possession & Defect Management System
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Smart Home
Smart Home Smart Home Smart Home System brings extra convenience and extra security to your modern lifestyle. Combined with iNeighbour, your smart home is integrated with your residential community for better management and protection.
Smart Home with Smart Community System
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Marketplace Marketplace With more than 50,000 households using the iNeighbour Smart Community System, you can get more business exposure with us. We have various methods to promote your business in iNeighbour; contact us now for more information.
Near Field Commerce
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